Monday, March 24, 2014

What make us happy

It is indeed a difficult task to explain how we can make ourselves happy when thing go around us weary .
For me I start growing flowers, plant and vegetables apart from keeping dog as my companion. You know, Life seems so full and content when you see your own plant growing well and one fine day it gives you flower or fruits.
The excitement which you get in that very moment is amazingly amazing. Only the growers know how excited it is .

Recently I purchased some flower bulbs and seed from online shop and I started sowing, a bit sceptical , apprehensive, and not so happy until I see them growing. The more exciting part is when they grew larger but again disappointing moments occurred when they died either through rot or with insect-diseases.

I spend couple of bucks on getting online seeds in various flowers and vegetable seeds .... will continue tomorrow about my Rununculus flower and Gladolus flower.

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